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This year, there were uncomfortably hot days even before the summer had officially started. Now, during the holidays, the heat sometimes becomes unbearable. The best solution is to cool off at the local pool. However, there’s no need to completely renounce cycling. Check out the following aspects to be able to cycle all summer long without limitations.

Time of the day

The best way to escape the heat is to move your cycling training to the early hours of the morning. This is the best option to keep up your performance and to train before the midday heat hits especially for athletes. The sun reaches its zenith between 12-2 p.m., and this is also the time when the UV radiation is the strongest, while the angle of the sun is too sharp in the morning after sunrise, making this time of the day perfect for a ride outside. If you aren’t an early bird, you’ll have to wait until after 8 p.m. for the temperatures to cool down.

Fluid intake

It has been mentioned at least 1000 times, but keeping your fluids up is essential especially during the summer months. When you’re sweating, you’re losing minerals that need to be replaced. Drink enough during the early hours of the day and choose drinks with a high electrolyte level. Have you ever heard of water poisoning? The so-called hyperhydration takes place when salt losses are replaced by low-salt liquids. Dizzyness, nausea and vomiting are the result. Hence, it’s best to always mix water with salt and maltrodextrin to prevent hyperhydration.

Be careful when consuming alcohol: Drinking a cool beer in summer increases your body’s need to urinate, leading to an increased loss of fluid. Thus you should always have a water with your alcoholic drink.

Sun protection 

The sun is always shining even if the airstream is cooling you down. Calves and neck are often exposed to the sun. Use zinc-bearing sunblock on these areas to protect them from the sun. Choose a helmet with ventilation slits to prevent you from overheating. Your clothes should be bright and not too warm during the hot season. Don’t forget to bring sunglasses with an UV-filter.


At temperatures over 30 degrees, the ozone load and the risk of getting a sunstroke are increased. Especially catching too many sun rays on your head and neck can lead to your brain and celebral membrane reacting with an inflammation. Having a headache, feeling anxious and a red face can be a sign of this. In this case you should immediately step out of the direct sunlight and cool your head with a wet towel. A cold shower can also help you lower your body temperature. Providing your body with more fluids is essential, if you’re unsure on how to proceed, you should see a doctor.

Pulse rate and heat

During the hot summer, your pulse rate can be a little higher than at lower temperatures. The reason for this is that your heart has to work harder due to your body trying to regulate the heat. If you’re sweating, your blood gets thicker and your blood volume is decreased. This leads to a higher heart rate. The solution: Cooling your body down and taking in a lot of fluids. If your heart rate is already higher than usual, you shouldn’t do high-intensity workouts.

Tips for the summer 

🚲  Athletes start their training early in the day to escape the worst heat

🚲  A cold shower in the morning lowers your body temperature and prevents you from feeling too hot at least for a little while

🚲  Cooling down during your ride helps to avoid overheating (e.g. put water on your neck and empty a water bottle over your head)

🚲  If you can’t avoid cycling around noon, take more breaks in the shade and drink more electrolyte drinks than usual

🚲  Avoid heavy food and overeating if it’s hot to put less of a strain on your body

🚲  Older and untrained people often suffer more from the heat. If you’re cycling in a group, look out for the weakest person and ride at slower speeds

🚲  A lovely breeze doesn’t prevent the loss of minerals through sweat – drink, drink, drink!

Do you have more advice on how to deal with summer heat? ☀️

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