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Summer is finally here! The days are long, the sun is shining and there are countless awesome cycling destinations just waiting to be explored. Here are 10 reasons why cycling in summer is simply the best.

1. Great weather

Leave the capricious spring weather behind you and get on your bike! Make sure to take full advantage of the warm sunshine, gorgeous blue skies and occasional cool rain shower while it lasts. Autumn will be here before you know it, so enjoy the season as much as possible.

2. Airstream

Feel the wind in your hair and enjoy the fresh breeze on your face while you ride – there’s nothing better to cool you down on a hot summer day!

3. Huge variety in training

Cooler nights and hot days provide just the right variety for your training conditions. If you want a more relaxed ride, head out in the early morning hours or after the sun has set to ride without immediately breaking into a sweat. However, you can also take advantage of the crazy hot daytime temperatures to push yourself to cycle under more difficult conditions. Just make sure to stay hydrated!

4. Time for new experiences

Why not branch out and try out something new this summer? Mountain biking can be an excellent activity to diversify your skill set during the hot season. It provides great upper core training and will hone your cycling technique. Furthermore, you’ll get out into nature where the temperatures are lower – a great advantage during the summer months!

5. Cycling vacation

There’s no better time to explore new places by bike than summer! Whether you’re staying in your own country or heading abroad, summer is a time for exploration, new discoveries, memories and meeting interesting people en route. There are countless bike events around the world for you to take part in. If you are going to do a multi-day tour, why not record the route on Bikemap and send us a description of your journey and your experiences along with a couple of photos. You might get your Bike Story featured on the Bikemap blog


6. Free time

Whether you want to head out by yourself or with family and friends, chances are that you and the people around you have some time off from work, school or studying. Use the Bikemap app to record your route when out and about and share it with our cycling community and invite friends to join you on your tour.

7. Nighttime riding

If there has ever been a time for cycling at night, it is summer! Start out right as the sun is going down and enjoy riding on empty streets without having to worry about getting cold. Nighttime riding also makes for an awesome group activity, so why not make it a fun event with your friends? Just make sure to bring some appropriate bicycle lights to stay visible.

8. Indoor cycling

You don’t particularly like the hot weather, but your schedule doesn’t allow you to head out during the mornings or nights? Stick to indoor cycling. Training on an ergometer can be more time-efficient than riding a real bike – just hop in the saddle and start pedalling. An added benefit: no need to worry about traffic and road safety. 

9. No need for public transport

No one enjoys spending time in close proximity with sweaty people in the subway during the hottest months of the year. By cycling during summer, you can avoid exactly that!

10. Getting a tan

Naturally, by spending a lot of time in the sunshine, you’re bound to get a tan! Make sure to protect your skin by using sun screen, but don’t be surprised if there’s a visible tan line where your bike shorts were by the end of the day. Some would say: wear it as a badge of honour!

What do you love most about cycling in summer? ☀️

Let us know in the comments! 🚴🏻