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Although it’s still cold in the mornings and the sun sets in the late afternoon, the days are growing noticeably longer, temperatures are rising and the first flowers are peaking out of the cold ground. This is the best time for getting out on your bike! Here are 10 reasons why cycling in spring is simply amazing!

1. The refreshing weather

We know, we know – temperatures are rising and falling from one day to the next and sunshine, rain, snowflakes and wind are regularly taking turns. But seeing the last bits of snow thawing away and letting the first warm sun rays tickle your face just feels really great! In spring, temperatures above 10°C equal a heat wave, so grab your bike and get moving!

2. It’s the perfect group activity

Finally it’s possible to meet up with friends outside of a house again! With the Bikemap route planner, you can create the perfect bike route and share it with others in no time. Get a few friends together and spend a couple of sporty hours in the saddle as a group.

3. Follow through on your plans 

When the sun’s out, your own motivation increases – now is the time to tackle the goals you have set for yourself this season. No matter whether you want to train hard, participate in cycling competitions or simply ride more, the rising temperatures are guaranteed to motivate you!

4. Refill your vitamin D storage

Are you sick of swallowing vitamin D pills or sitting in front of daylight lamps? Go outside! Spending a few hours cycling in the sunshine is the best way to refill your body’s empty vitamin D storage after a long winter.

5. Get fit

If your inner couch potato was too strong during the cold months and skipped a couple of training sessions than originally planned, no worries – now is the perfect time to get back into shape. By slowly increasing the amount and intensity of your workouts, you’ll be back to your old form by summer.

6. Be proud of yourself

All those who did train regularly during the cold season can be very proud of themselves and their good shape and harvest the fruits of their hard winter workouts.

7. That wonderful feeling of freedom 

What’s better than the first ride and enjoying the fresh spring air? Feel the wind in your hair and feel free as you ride through green forests, lively cities or mountains with lush meadows.

8. The start of the next cycling season 

Spring isn’t only the perfect season for your training, it’s also the start of the cycling season – watch the classic Milano-Sanremo race in March, followed by the captivating Tour of Flanders and the thrilling race of Paris-Roubaix in April.

9. More training variation

As the days are finally growing longer, you can take advantage of the huge variety of temperatures and weather conditions. Choose whether you want to train in the cold mornings or warmer afternoons, at day or nighttime, in the sunshine or rain.

10. Stay healthy

By exercising regularly, you’re less likely to get sick. In addition, you’re spending more time in the fresh air, which automatically improves your mood. ☀️

Why do you love to cycle in spring? 🌱🌿

Let us know in the comments! 🚴🏻