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Winter is a great time to try out new kinds of sport and to improve your power and coordination with alternatives to biking. Cycling is monotone sport, hence, additional training should be as complex as possible. In this three-part-long blog series, we want to introduce you to healthy sporting activities that can be important additions to your training and and keep you fit until spring comes. First up: Crossfit!

What is crossfit?

The terms “burpees” or “workout of the day” are standard when doing this trendy sport that originated from the USA. Crossfit is a highly intensive combination of power, speed, stamina and coordination alternating between exercises and short breaks. The sequence of exercises varies and is carried out under time pressure whilst using one’s own body weight, barbells or so-called kettle bells.

What’s in it for me as a biker?

Crossfit is a functional training which demands the use of many groups of muscles at the same time. The sport trains varying key groups of muscles that are important for cycling. As a cyclist, you should focus on the muscles in your legs and your back.

How do I combine cross training and cycling?

You can replace cycling with doing cross training several times a week during the cold season. Two to three days of training a week with a rest day in between two days of training are very effective. In order to create an optimal training with regards to cycling, you can spend 20-30 minutes pedaling on an ergometer after each crossfit session. This way, the intense training you did previously is transferred to the muscles used for cycling and you get the most out of your training.

4 crossfit exercises for cyclists

  1. Roll back to visit
    Start in a sitting position and roll back slowly until your head lies on the floor and your legs fold backwards. Roll forwards slowly, controlling the movement, and stretch your arms forward as much as possible. This exercise is great for mobilising the lower back due to its alternation of tension and relaxation.
  2. Burpees
    Start in a standing position, squat down and move your flat body towards the floor. Go back into a stand and jump. This intense exercise strengthens arms, torso, legs and shoulders and improves your coordination. A must-do for your training.


  1. Superman
    Lift your arms and legs up simultaneously while lying on the floor. Aim for good body tension. Hold this position for a while, as strengthening the back is essential for long bike rides.
  2. Lunges
    Stand and move one leg backwards to do a lunge. This strengthens your buttocks, thighs and improves all of your leg muscles.


How do you keep fit for the upcoming cycling season during winter?

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