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Everyone knows that cycling brings many advantages, but despite the obvious positive effects of cycling, such as health benefits, improving your immune system, saving money and protecting the environment by leaving the car at home, many still prefer to take the car or public transport when out and about. That’s why we have compiled 7 long-term benefits of cycling that you may not know about even if you already are an avid cyclist.

1. Save time

Have you ever been stuck in a traffic jam for what seemed like hours?  Or waited for the bus to arrive when you were late for an important meeting or appointment? These two scenarios become a non-issue when cycling – you can determine when you leave the house and how fast you ride without depending on any other means of transport. Simply filter past traffic and save yourself the stress (and money) of going by car or bus.

2. Improve your navigation skills

When out and about, you may pedal through areas without internet connection, leaving you to figure out your route for yourself. Over time, this will sharpen your sense of direction and improve your knowledge of your surroundings. Whether you like to rely on your own navigation skills, use an old-fashioned map or Bikemap Premium’s offline maps is entirely up to you.

3. Make friends

Not only the Bikemap community is incredibly lively and friendly – there are cycling clubs all over the world where you can meet and befriend like-minded cycleholics. Although it might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of cycling, you can easily ride with others while chatting, making the sport very sociable. Get out, share your experiences and training advice with others and grow your social circle.

4. Get smarter

Give your brain an extra boost by cycling before sitting down to start into a fresh day of work – your brain will be at peak activity just when you get to your desk. Furthermore, studies show that cycling increases the brain’s production of neurons and improves the functioning of neurotransmitters. This keeps the brain young and more connected, giving you a better memory, a greater ability to solve problems and improves your concentration.

5. Look younger

Regular cycling leads to an increased circulation which helps your body optimise collagen production and deliver nutrients to skin cells more effectively. This makes your skin heal faster after an injury and gives the skin a fresh, healthy look, making you look younger. Just don’t forget to use sunscreen to protect yourself from UV radiation when going on a ride!

6. Improve your love life

All cyclists know that cycling is a sexy sport – after all, who can resist those muscles in tight lycra shorts? Indeed, not only the clothes but also the feeling of accomplishment after finishing a challenging ride does wonders for your confidence and studies show that 1 in 4 men and women would rather date a cyclist than another athlete. But there’s more: Other than improving your vascular health, thus boosting your sex drive, cycling also trains the muscles that are used for sex, which leads to longer intercourse.

7. Feel happier

Even mild exercise releases endorphins which make you feel good and relieve stress. This high keeps you coming back for more, putting you in a positive cycle of exercising, staying healthy and becoming a happier person. Regular exercise is thus also a powerful treatment against depression and can even overcome and replace an addiction such as smoking.

What are you waiting for? 💪🏻

Get out and ride! 🚴🏻