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The first signs of spring have finally arrived and more cyclists dare to get on their bikes every day. But watch out, you need to be especially careful when getting back on your bike for the first time after the cold winter months. Loose chippings, careless drivers and overconfidence can easily cause accidents. When cycling in the city, pay special attention to the following potential sources of danger to stay safe! 😉

🚨 Loose chippings and gravel 

It hasn’t been long since the last snowfall and the streets are still at least partially covered with remaining traces of salt and gravel which can get dangerous when taking a quick turn or braking sharply. Get accustomed to the situation during your first outings.

🚨 Construction sites or cracked concrete 

The cool winter temperatures might have caused the concrete on some cycle paths to crack from the cold, which could trip you. Furthermore, construction sites are starting to reappear on the streets as the temperatures get warmer, so better take a closer look at your usual route before taking off.

🚨 Outdoor dining areas

Spring is when many restaurants and cafes reopen their outdoor dining areas, however, these are often dangerously close to cycling lanes and make collisions with sun-hungry pedestrians more likely.

Tip: Your bell is there for a purpose other than aesthetics. 😉

🚨 Drivers

Albeit there are always a few courageous cyclists braving the cold winter weather, there’s a noticeable surge of cyclists at the start of spring every year. Despite this regularity, there are many drivers who aren’t used to sharing the street with cyclists anymore, so you should always take two looks before crossing the street, even if you have the right to cross first.

Tip: Reflectors and lights also ensure your safety during the day.

🚨 Your own bike

Conducting a technical check on your bike after the cold season is a must. It is especially important to check the brakes before getting back on your bike. Also take a look at your wheels – low tyre pressure can have a negative effect on your bike’s road performance.

🚨 Overconfidence

Last but not least, you have to become used to cycling again. Mindfulness and concentration are necessary when cycling. Tiredness can lead to poor concentration (especially on longer trips). Training your coordination and overall stamina helps you regain the skills you need for cycling.

Tip: Take it 2-3 km/h slower after the winter and don’t overestimate yourself.

How do you navigate safely through the city? 🚲

Share your tips with us! 💌