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This year has been super exciting at Bikemap!

The Bikemap Team has grown and now consists of 13 cycleholics who do their best to improve Bikemap and come up with new ideas for our product every day.

Multiple cups of coffee a day made us working on many successful projects in order to get the best out of Bikemap. This year, we launched the new Bikemap Apps and optimized countless functions on our website.

Our year in numbers

In August, we finally made it to 1 million user. At this point, more than 3 million routes have been created in more than 100 countries all over the globe. Added up, this equals more than 300 million kilometers! 🥂

Here are some more important numbers for you:

🚲 1000 + app testing sessions 🤳🏼

🚲  1 office relocation 📦

🚲  50kg + coffee beans grounded ☕️

🚲 246 lunch breaks spent together 🍴

🚲 10 app updates 📱

🚲  1 failed tomato growing project 🍅

🚲  at least 5 bikes stored in the office every day 🔒

Our awesome team

With your support we were able to constantly improve our product to guarantee you even more cycletastic fun! We’re always happy to receive your feedback so please feel free to shoot a message to 📩

Also follow us on Facebook where we keep you up to date about the on-goings at our Bikemap headquarter in the heart of Vienna.

We just can’t wait for 2018! 🎉

Let’s start a new year! 🚴

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