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The Bikemap community & staff has made it through the past few turbulent weeks.

We reluctantly decided that it wouldn’t be possible to offer Open Cycle Map as part of the Bikemap route-planning tools anymore. Bikemap is used by millions of users who plan their routes – some of them prefer to do so using Open Cycle Map. However, the providers of OCM were suddenly charging a lot of money from Bikemap.

Many constructive discussions with users in the forum, on facebook and via email followed. We understand that OCM is a useful map layer for planning and have also felt that many users understood our situation.

The suggestion to make Open Cycle Map accessible as part of our Premium-Services ultimately came from the community and was widely supported.

We also liked this idea and are happy to announce that we will be able to offer Open Cycle Map again from now on. There will also be more services related to OCM coming soon, but more about that in a few weeks.

The Bikemap community & support team thanks all users for the numerous suggestions and the constructive discussion concerning this topic. We work hard to offer services that make riding our bikes more enjoyable for all. Keep on cycling! 😉

We are looking forward to your feedback – comment, post in the forum or send us a message at

Keep planning your route with Open Cycle Map – become a Bikemap Premium User!


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