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Many non-cyclists might shake their heads at the sight of the clean-shaven legs of many cyclists. Now, with the new cycling season drawing nearer and biker shorts exposing many men’s taut calves, the question of whether to shave or not to shave becomes relevant again. What drives cyclists to shave their legs? Is it simple vanity or is there an actual use to going hairless? We investigated the matter for you.

It’s simply a part of cycling!

When looking at the legs of many professional cyclists at famous bike races, you’ll notice that there are no hairy legs to be seen. The same goes for triathlons, where most men’s legs are hairless. This is also a popular topic for discussions among roommates. This contributes to the argument that clean-shaven men’s legs exist mostly because of peer pressure – “the professionals do it too”! Cyclists are vain and if money is invested into materials and outfits, shaving one’s legs is just another part of cycling.

The true reason…

is not aerodynamics. Although there is scientific proof that smooth legs contribute to a better time, it has to be said that this difference is negligible for hobby cyclists.

However, the main reason for shaving one’s legs is the advantage this brings for healing wounds after injuries. After taking a fall, dirty hair can lead to a nasty infection of an open wound. Smooth skin prevents this and also allows plasters to stick to the skin more easily. Furthermore, follow-up treatments with gels or regenerative measures such as massages work better with hairless legs.

Do I really have to shave my legs?

On the other hand, the protection from the sun that leg hair offers is a reason to decide against shaving. However, sunscreen lotion is easier to apply to hairless legs.

Our conclusion: If you are a retro biker, keep the fur! Hobby cyclists don’t really profit from going hairless anyways. But it might be worth a second thought for “real bikers”. The ladies’ opinion on this topic is a whole other matter though.

Tips for shaving your legs

☛ If you want silky legs within a short period of time, use an electric shaver. Your leg won’t be as smooth as a baby’s butt, but this method suffices for the desired look.

☛ Do you want your legs to be really smooth? Use shaving cream or a gel in the shower to get rid of all the hair. Pay attention to using a clean blade. Don’t use blazing hot water.

☛ You should clean your skin before shaving. This makes your skin softer and decreases the risk of infection.

☛ You should always shave against the grain, so start from the bottom and move upwards to remove all the hair.

☛ Take time for shaving and don’t tense your muscles too much. When you’re finished, run cold water over your legs to let your pores close.

☛ Body lotion used after shaving should be free from alcohol, perfume and other irritating substances. It’s best to use a lotion based on natural ingredients.


Depilatory cream

Advantage: no pain

Disadvantage: not suitable for sensitive skin, irritates the skin when absorbed too long

☛ Wax

Advantage: in-depth hair removal that lasts a long time

Disadvantage: painful, time-intensive, not suitable for beginners


Advantage: quick and comfortable

Disadvantage: painful, not suitable for sensitive skin



Advantage: no pain, long-term hair removal

Disadvantage: costly, sometimes not thorough enough and single hairs grow back


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