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The air has gotten a little cooler, but autumnal sun rays shine through the coloured canopy of leaves and the multi-coloured foliage lightens up your mood. Here are 10 reasons why cycling in Fall is simply amazing!

1. Make the most of the changing landscape

If you ride regularly, you can see the leaves turn from green to a sea of red and yellow as enjoy your rides through the colourful landscape. Find the perfect fall routes in your area on Bikemap and discover new tours in your region during a beautiful time of year. Don’t forget to take some pictures!

2. Perfect conditions

Neither too hot nor too cold – that’s fall for you! You’re finally able to train without immediately breaking a sweat or taking ages to warm up. Feeling the crisp airstream on your face is the reward for your hard workout.

3. Feel better

Feeling low? When the days are getting shorter and darker, many people suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Getting out in the fresh air and being exposed to daylight are two of the factors that can prevent you from becoming affected. So get your bike out and ride!

4. Cycling is love…

…cycling is life. The same goes for food. Don’t worry about counting calories or summer bodies – by riding regularly, you’ll stay fit and won’t have to think about your figure.

5. No one around

Finally, the trails aren’t full of people anymore – make full use of the free space without having to look out for other riders all the time. Ride at your own pace, take the time to perfect your skills and simply go for a long ride by yourself.

6. Stay healthy

Cycling all year round boosts your health as your immune system gets becomes more active in the cold when treated to lower temperatures regularly. Furthermore, you can avoid crowded busses and trains filled with coughing and sneezing people.

7. Keep fit

Instead of stopping to ride once the cycling season’s over, you can stay in shape. This will give you an advantage once you want to kickstart your winter training when you don’t have to start your training from the ground up again. Fitness is lost more quickly than its gained and maintaining your current level of fitness can go a long way.

8. New gear

What better excuse is there for getting new cycling gear than the changing seasons? Thanks to the chillier weather and shorter days, you can finally splurge on some new wind-proof jackets, reflective boots or fancy bike lights without feeling guilty.

9. Branch out

Take the opportunity to try something new and embrace the start of the cyclo-cross season. No matter if you’re a road biker or a MTB enthusiast, you’ll be able to tackle new routes while practicing skills like being confident on various surfaces or dismounting and remounting a moving bike.

10. Pure satisfaction

Albeit you might experience some fall-time fog, rain and cold temperatures on your tour, you’ll be filled with pride that you have battled the elements and won once you have reached your destination. A long, hot shower has never felt so good.


Can you think of any more reasons why cycling during fall is simply amazing? 🍁🍂

Let us know in the comments! 🚴🏻