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Want to take part in the Bikemap Android Open Beta Test?

  • Preview the newest version of Bikemap app as a beta test. You will find rough edges here and there – but hey, its a beta. 😉
  • Give us early feedback about the app: Let us know what you think and help make Bikemap app an awesome experience. 💭

You can install Bikemap Beta along the current version of the Bikemap app here: 

👉🏼 👈🏼

  1.  Login with your current Bikemap account and see all your saved routes.
  2. The beta app is also updated, so check back and download the latest available version.
  3. If the app is ready to leave beta status we will update the existing Bikemap app and remove this beta from Google Play.

Purpose of the test:
The new app was build newly from ground up and we want users to participate in a public beta test of the nearly complete app with the new navigation and tracking functionality.

How to send feedback:
Please press the Feedback“ button on the top right of the discover screen and fill out the feedback form. If the app crashes, a report is sent to us in the background so we can analyse the reason of the crash. ⚡️

What is working:

  • Discovering new routes nearby
  • Search routes worldwide
  • Voice assisted navigation of user routes while being online
  • Navigation from A to B
  • Recording new routes
  • Using the new bike computer while riding
  • Uploading routes to

What is not in the beta yet:

  • Premium features like
  • Downloading routes for offline functionality
  • Offline Maps
  • Offline Navigation
  • Premium Support
  • See your Bikemap friends from Facebook in your profile

Please test two cases:

1) Record/Free mode

  • in the navigation bar on the bottom of the screen, press „ride“
  • press the record button and start tracking
  • look at stats, are they accurate, are they useful?
  • is the tracked route (red line) representing your cycled route?
  • saving/uploading the route to Bikemap

2) Navigate mode

  • in the navigation bar on the bottom of the screen, press „ride“
  • press the search bar
  • enter a destination
  • navigate to the destination
  • is the navigation accurate?
  • is the timing of the navigation instructions good?
  • look at stats, are they accurate, are they useful?
  • what happens when you leave the track, is rerouting accurate?
  • when you reach your destination, the green success screen should open up and you can press „finish“


Thank you for participating in the Bikemap Android Open Beta Test!

We are happy if you send us feedback via the feedback button on the discover tab
or an email to with the subject “Android Beta Feedback”.

Many thanks & happy cycling! 💙

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