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What’s new:

Meet the brand new loop planner

This is for when you want to try out a new route, know the rough direction you wish to explore but also want to make sure you’re home for dinner. 

Sounds like a complex task, but we built an easy fix: simply point your phone in your preferred direction, enter the desired distance and routing profile and let the loop planner custom-build a round-trip for you!

How it works

You’ll find the new option to Create your loop conveniently within the app’s Discover tab. Adjust the route based on your starting point, desired distance, preferred direction and routing profile, then start your ride!

So shake up your routine and let our loop planner help you (re)discover your surroundings. But don’t take our word for it, try it out for yourself, wherever you are. Please note: some of the more sophisticated features of the loop planner, such as choosing the direction, are exclusively available to Bikemap Premium members.

Have fun and keep pedalling!
Your Bikemap Team