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We want your best bike pics!

Bikemap has always been shaped by its community and this should not change in the future. That said, we want to feature your pictures on the new Bikemap website! What’s in for you? Your picture will be featured on the #1 cycle route collection in the world and...

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Out now! New Bikemap App for Android

Good news for all Android users! The new Bikemap App is out and now available for all Android devices. Time to hit the road and ride!  A short time ago we launched the Bikemap App for iOS and were stunned by the massive amount of positive feedback. Clearly the Android...

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Sneak Peek #3: Destination Guides

Today I am especially excited to announce one of the most awesome updates of Bikemap next: Destination Guides! Soon curated guides on Bikemap will show you the most stunning routes in the most stunning cycling regions. Based on community ratings and recommendations we...

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Explore an all new Bikemap

Bikemap has always been shaped by the needs of its users and also will be in the future. That’s why we’ve started the Bikemap Next Preview Program (as previously announced on the blog). With the official launch of Bikemap Next getting closer we want to...

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Announcing Bikemap Next

Announcing Bikemap Next Say hello to the future of Bikemap by Tobias | Oct 9, 2015 | Bikemap next, Press It’s a humbling and amazing thing to work on Bikemap, which is used by over 15 million people in over 80 countries of the World. From leisure cyclists to...

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Less is more: Bikemap drops some languages

On the basis of major performance and quality improvements, often the term ‘less is more’ totally hits the mark. This is why we’re continuously running performance optimizations and cleaning up contents that do not match our quality standards. On the...

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Fresh Feature Friday

We’ve recently released a bunch of new features and bug fixes, including: Optimized elevation data Altitude values are now more precise throughout Bikemap, both on route pages and while creating a route in the route editor.   Add Wikipedia POIs to your...

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5 reasons why biking makes you happy

Not only does biking save you money and keeps you fit, it also makes you happy by boosting your endorphin and energy levels. Though every biker already knows that, still nice to see that science comes to the same conclusion. For more scientific biking facts check out...

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