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What’s New

Thanks to your valuable feedback, we have introduced new features to Bikemap to improve your experience, but we won’t stop here – there’s more to come. Here are the highlights of what’s new:

April, 2024

We have long dreamed of combining our two separate editing and planning tools to create one versatile, powerful tool which covers all your route planning needs. So we put our heads together and reconfigured all the nuts and bolts and now we’re excited to say: sometimes dreams do come true!

Your routes just got a fresh look!

February, 2024

We’re beyond excited to share what we have been working on: a fresh take on the tool that makes documenting your personal routes in our web version both fun and easy, the Bikemap Route Detail Page! Read more about this update.

Revamped and Ready: Our New Route Widget! 🚴

Exciting news, now you can showcase your favorite routes on your website or blog with our redesigned Route Widget. Embedding is a breeze – pick a route, hit ‘Embed,’ and paste it where your cycling adventure deserves attention.  Let the embedding begin and happy cycling! 🌐🚵‍♂️✨ 

Here’s how it could look like on your website:


V 18.2.0

Pause Mode

Together we’re finally able to celebrate breaks properly. In the history of requests, there hasn’t been a feature that you wanted and definitely needed more. So without further ado, let’s finally celebrate the Pause mode for recording routes. Need a water break? No problem, just tap Pause without losing track of your time.

Update now on Android and stay tuned for iOS!

V 23.1.0

V 16.5.0

Map Style Enhancements

Not only did we reintroduce the satellite map, you now also have many more options, like ultra 3D and dark mode, to choose from. Find your preferred cycling map style with these many options. Additionally, integrated coloured Points of Interest make the cycling map even more customisable.

Update now on iOS and Android.

V 23.1.0

V 16.4.0

Cycle Path Routing Profile (Premium)

Next to balanced, fastest, road bike and mountain bike routing you can now choose another option that allows you to be guided favorably on cycle paths. In addition, you can set the prioritization of cycle paths from high, medium to low to match your unique navigation preferences.

Update now on iOS and Android.

V 21.0.0

V 15.4.0

Custom Bike Computer

The new bike computer comes in three different sizes, putting you in charge of which cycling data you want to see during your ride. Choose between four ready-made layouts or build your personal bike computer. Customise the layout and select a unique combination of statistics that fit your needs.

Update now on iOS and Android.

V 21.0.0

V 16.0.0

Unlock the Next Level

Get rewarded, stay motivated and take your cycling game to the next level by collecting points for your cycling activity with the new gamified user profile feature.

Update now on iOS and Android.

New Route Import Tool

The new multi-step route import tool provides you with a smooth import experience for your GPX and KML files and lots of options to choose from to make the best out of your tracked rides.

Check it out on the website now.

V 19.0.0

New Apple Watch App

Bikemap for Apple Watch has received a major makeover to enhance your cycling experience. This update includes an easily accessible on-wrist bike computer as well as overviews of your recordings and guarantees a seamless tracking experience across iPhone and Apple Watch.

Update now on iOS.

V 18.2.0

V 15.0.0

Social Route Sharing

You can now easily share your routes with friends via your preferred personal messenger and on your social media accounts.

Update now on iOS and Android.

V 17.2.0

V 14.0.0

New User Profile

We’ve redesigned the user profile from the ground up. Easily access your route collections and get an overview of your activity statistics!

Update now on iOS and Android.

Stay tuned!

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