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New Search on Android App

The Bikemap App is a very useful companion on your bike tours. Besides recording your routes easily and keeping track of your route collection, you can also search for routes on the Android App now when you are on the move. And it is as easy as this: Select...

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Tour Down Under using Bikemap

The most important bike race in the southern hemisphere is located in Australia and called Tour Down Under. Next race will be in January 2010, and the routes of all stages have just been released a few days ago. We made Tour Down Under an official user, and thus all...

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Want Bikemap in your language?

In the past some users have asked us to send them the text files of Bikemap (or Inlinemap or Runmap for that matter) to translate them. This way the Czech and Polish language versions came into existence. However one usually runs into encoding problems when handling...

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