Meet an all-new Bikemap: Presenting the future of cycle route planning

Meet an all-new Bikemap: Presenting the future of cycle route planning

Working on a whole new Bikemap has been so exciting for the whole team.

After you’ve achieved it, it always seems easy. While we are busy celebrating, we nearly forget what was behind this relaunch: blood, sweat and tears (or beers in our case). Not to mention a good team spirit and the belief in an awesome product that is loved and shaped by its community: Bikemap.

No wonder, we’re super thrilled to share the result with you.


So what’s brand new?

A whole new design

The new Bikemap comes with a completely new look and feel. Our new design, fully responsive and user-friendly, makes discovering and recording new routes fun and easy – and most importantly, inspires you to go and ride your bike!

But of course we would not sit here and praise ourselves if it was only for the looks 😉

We got more:

Stunning routes where you want to go

You go on a cycling trip to Vienna or another awesome destination? You are longing to find the best routes there?

Then the new omni search on Bikemap comes in pretty handy. Simply enter your keyword in the search field on the homepage to start.

Apart from an intelligent autocomplete, which anticipates and suggests destinations right as you type, we’ve combined the keyword and location search to make sure you always get the best results. Plus: It’s self-learning, which means that every search requests makes it even better.

More info in Sneak Peek #2: What are you searching for?

Get travel bugs with Bikemaps region guides

You don’t know where to go? Need more inspiration? Look no further than our brand new region guides.

Our beautiful, handpicked region guides give you an overview of the most awesome routes in breathtaking cycling destinations across the world. They come with beautiful images, route tips and featured user routes. They will definitely make you want to pack your saddlebags and hit the road, right now.

In case you know destinations with awesome cycle routes like the back of your hand, we’d love to hear about them and feature your tips in our region guides! Just drop us a message via email or contact us on Facebook.

More info in Sneak Peek #3: Region Guides

Make your heart leap with Bikemaps new route editor   

Also the Route Editor just got a lot better.

The map tool lies at the heart of every Bikemap user experience. To make it as intuitive and user friendly as possible, we made sure not to overload it with features – but we did add a few! You can now upload cover images to your created routes and simply drag and drop your GPS file into the route editor to import your route.

More info in Sneak Peek #4: Meet Bikemaps new Route Editor

There’s an App for that

Your fully responsive ride companion is ready. The free Bikemap App for iOS and Android helps you record and navigate more than 2,800,000 routes on the go, instantly upload pictures to your route, and share it with your friends.

We made sure to optimize and sync all functionality across multiple devices so that Bikemap is always there to deliver the right experience on the right device at the right time.

But see for yourself…

Get inspired for your next bike trip with the all-new Bikemap!

Meanwhile at the office…

…we’re busy looking awesome. Cheers from the Bikemap Team 🙂

Sneak Peek #4: Meet Bikemap’s new route editor

The route editor is the heart of Bikemap. More than 1,500 routes are created daily by our cycling community and it’s stunning to see this figure rise even further. Whether you draw, upload or edit a route, it all comes down to the route editor.

So while puzzling about Bikemap next the route editor was one of the major points to think about. We have a lot of ideas about new features also thanks to the Bikemap community who always comes up with inspiring feedback. At the same time we want to keep it simple and not overload it with features.

But let’s see for yourself:


All known features are packed into a new design and layout making it easier and more intuitive to create and edit your routes. New are especially the following features and improvements:

  • Easy image upload

    In addition to a title image you can upload other pictures of your bike trip so that you have all your memories in one place – also with the app on your smartphone.

  • Drag & Drop support

    When creating your route simply drag your GPS file and drop it onto the route editor to upload import it.

  • Tags

    In the near future you can also add tags to your route such as hilly, easy or difficult. Not only enables this an easy description of your route, also it will make search results for routes better.

  • Optimized route planning

    Other upcoming improvements will include the possibility to insert points at a more distant zoom stage and the extension of the distance between two points above 200 km.


So stay tuned – we cant wait to show you the route editor in live!

Do you have something to add? Comment below!


Sneak Peek #3: Destination Guides

Sneak Peek #3: Destination Guides

Today I am especially excited to announce one of the most awesome updates of Bikemap next:

Destination Guides!

Soon curated guides on Bikemap will show you the most stunning routes in the most stunning cycling regions. Based on community ratings and recommendations we pick out the most beautiful user routes and official paths, wrap them up with descriptions and images so that you know the places where every cyclist should ride at least once in his life.



On top of searching for individual bike routes you can get inspired by different destinations and more easily decide where your next bike trip will take you. With Bikemap’s destinations guides you won’t sit still anymore and be longing to hit the (gravel) road as soon as you can!

Help us shape Bikemap and spread the word about cycling in your favorite regions!

Simply comment below and answer the following questions.

  • What are your top cycling regions?
  • Which bike routes do you want us to include in that region?

You can also send us an email to


Explore an all new Bikemap

Explore an all new Bikemap

Bikemap has always been shaped by the needs of its users and also will be in the future. That’s why we’ve started the Bikemap Next Preview Program (as previously announced on the blog). With the official launch of Bikemap Next getting closer we want to share a very first version among enthusiastic users so that you can give us your insights and feedback!


Bikemap Next

Bikemap Next is the upcoming major relaunch of Bikemap with lots of new features and improvements that is about be released in the upcoming weeks. Learn more about Bikemap Next in our announcement post.

Why should I participate in the Bikemap Next Preview Program?

As a member of the Bikemap Next Preview Program you will get an exclusive insight in the new website and be able to test all exciting features on Bikemap.

And that’s how it works:

  • Enter your name and email address that you use with your Bikemap account in the box below. If you do not have a Bikemap account, please sign up here!
  • At the end of February we will send you an email with instructions on how you can get right to the new website.
  • Start exploring and try out all awesome features on Bikemap as one of the firsts!
  • Send us your feedback right on the website and help shaping Bikemap just the way you like it.


Sign up here!

Simply enter your name and email address in the form to become a member of the Bikemap Next Preview Program. If you’ve already signed up, awesome!

We are excited to hear what you think!

Sign up has been closed, as Bikemap next is already online! 🙂

100.000 Routen gesammelt

Es ist nur eine Zahl am Rande, aber sie hat Herzklopfen verursacht: die letzten Minuten haben wir damit verbracht, an fünf geöffneten Browser-Fenstern sowohl Bikemap, Runmap, Inlinemap, Mopedmap und Wandermap im Sekundentakt immer wieder zu aktualisieren.


Weil wir immer näher an die 100.000ste Route kamen, die auf unseren Portalen angelegt wurden.

Am Ende hat diese Lauftrecke am Strand von England die Schallmauer durchbrochen:

Laufroute 100000 – powered by Runmap 

Neun Minuten Verweildauer

Georg Holzer fragte mich heute anlässllich eines kleinen Berichts über uns, der demnächst in der Kleinen Zeitung erscheinen wird, nach Statistiken zur Verwendung von unseren Plattformen. Was mich wieder mal daran erinnert hat, dass wir die selber viel zu wenig kennen – also habe ein bisschen gegraben und bin auf ein paar interessante Daten gestoßen:

Die für mich interessanteste Erkenntnis war die durchschnittliche Verweildauer: Ganze 550 Sekunden (also 9,2 Minuten) lang dauerte der durchschnittliche Visit eines Bikemap-, Runmap- oder Inlinemap-Users im Februar. Klar, das ist von den sagenumwobenen 180 Minuten von MySpace noch ein stückweit entfernt, aber ein Blick auf die Österreichische Webanalyse zeigt, dass der Wert durchaus respektabel sein dürfte: Von ca. 30 gelisteten Websites haben nur drei einen höheren Wert:, und Etablierte Onlinemedien wie (9,0 Minuten), (7,7) (6,0) oder (9,0) liegen hinter uns. Die deutsche IVW weist leider keine Verweildauer aus.

In Kombination mit der sehr zielgerichteten Benutzergruppe (Stichwort Streuverlust) wären unsere Plattformen sicher ein attraktives Werbeumfeld. Noch haben wir uns was Werbung betrifft aber zurückgehalten – wir leisten uns den Luxus, dass Werbung auf unseren Plattformen nicht störend sein soll, sondern im Idealfall nützlich und informativ. Vor allem aber: Möglichst unaufdringlich. Mal schauen, was die Zukunft bringt – ein paar Sachen sind ja schon in der Pipeline.

Die Zahl der registrierten User liegt derzeit bei 6.499 – ein angesichts der Tatsache, dass die Registrierung optional ist (da sich die Sites auch ohne Registrierung voll nutzen lassen) und des geringen Alters der Sites (zw. 11 und 1 Monaten), schöner Wert.

Und hier die Routendaten, die ich für Georg ausgehoben habe:

               Total  Bikemap  Runmap  Inlinemap
All routes
  (public)    12,028   10,156   1,795         77
Kilometres   745,440  724,604  19,092      1,744

Die Zahl der Testrouten (die in den Übersichtskarten auch nicht aufscheinen) liegt in etwa nochmal so hoch.

Wir werden das Versäumte jetzt nachholen und die 10-15 wichtigsten Eckdaten täglich erheben und in Charts plotten.