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Create route collections you won’t forget

Create route collections you won’t forget

We love how enthusiastically the Bikemap community creates new routes (1500 every day!), which is why we want to give you a better way to organize them. 

If your profile is overflowing with created, saved and updated routes, this is for you! As a Premium member, you can now organize your bike tours in handy route collections and share them with your friends.

premium-route collection


How can I create a route collection?
  1. Register or sign in to Bikemap on your desktop if you already have an account.
  2. Upgrade your account to Premium.
  3. In the menu, click on the new button, “Route Collections”.
  4. Click “Add new”, enter a title, choose if it should be public or private, and hit “Create”.
  5. To fill it with routes, find and choose a route and add it via its “Add to” button.
  6. Make it even cooler by adding a cover photo, description and tags.
  7. Instantly share your route collection via Facebook, Twitter or email using the sharing buttons.


More awesome features are waiting for you

Bikemap Premium is a monthly or yearly subscription plan for enthusiastic cyclists who want to benefit from even more cool features: in addition to route collections we’ve got offline maps and offline navigation waiting for you! And you’ll be pleased to hear that Bikemap is faster and completely ad-free when you upgrade to Premium.

Get the full Bikemap experience!

Or upgrade to premium via the Bikemap App for Android or iOS:

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How to save data usage and battery life with offline maps

How to save data usage and battery life with offline maps

Ever lost your data connection or run out of battery while out on your bike?

Lots of cyclists know this problem just too well. We’ve received countless requests from our users asking for the option to save routes for offline use. After all, you want to enjoy the scenery and that feeling of freedom without worrying about data, roaming charges or battery life.

This is why we have created offline maps and routes. Just in time for cycling peak season, you can now upgrade to Bikemap Premium to download selected map regions and routes to your phone.

Bikemap Premium is a monthly or yearly subscription plan for enthusiastic cyclists who want to benefit from even more cool features – no matter in which corner of this world you happen to be cycling.


How can I save my routes offline?
  1. Download the free app for Android or iOS.
  2. Register or sign in if you already have an account.
  3. Upgrade your account to Premium.
  4. In the menu, click on “Offline Regions”. Pick a region and download it by hitting “Store for offline use”.
  5. Search for routes in your selected region and click on “Save for offline use.”
  6. Go out riding and say goodbye to lost data connections and high roaming charges.

Bikemap tip: Set your phone to flight mode to save valuable battery life! 



Download the Bikemap App for Android or iOS and get the full Bikemap experience!

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Offline maps and routes are only part of our new Premium offer! Curious about what else we’ve got? Discover more about Bikemap Premium here.

Meet an all-new Bikemap: Presenting the future of cycle route planning

Meet an all-new Bikemap: Presenting the future of cycle route planning

Working on a whole new Bikemap has been so exciting for the whole team.

After you’ve achieved it, it always seems easy. While we are busy celebrating, we nearly forget what was behind this relaunch: blood, sweat and tears (or beers in our case). Not to mention a good team spirit and the belief in an awesome product that is loved and shaped by its community: Bikemap.

No wonder, we’re super thrilled to share the result with you.


So what’s brand new?

A whole new design

The new Bikemap comes with a completely new look and feel. Our new design, fully responsive and user-friendly, makes discovering and recording new routes fun and easy – and most importantly, inspires you to go and ride your bike!

But of course we would not sit here and praise ourselves if it was only for the looks 😉

We got more:

Stunning routes where you want to go

You go on a cycling trip to Vienna or another awesome destination? You are longing to find the best routes there?

Then the new omni search on Bikemap comes in pretty handy. Simply enter your keyword in the search field on the homepage to start.

Apart from an intelligent autocomplete, which anticipates and suggests destinations right as you type, we’ve combined the keyword and location search to make sure you always get the best results. Plus: It’s self-learning, which means that every search requests makes it even better.

More info in Sneak Peek #2: What are you searching for?

Get travel bugs with Bikemaps region guides

You don’t know where to go? Need more inspiration? Look no further than our brand new region guides.

Our beautiful, handpicked region guides give you an overview of the most awesome routes in breathtaking cycling destinations across the world. They come with beautiful images, route tips and featured user routes. They will definitely make you want to pack your saddlebags and hit the road, right now.

In case you know destinations with awesome cycle routes like the back of your hand, we’d love to hear about them and feature your tips in our region guides! Just drop us a message via email or contact us on Facebook.

More info in Sneak Peek #3: Region Guides

Make your heart leap with Bikemaps new route editor   

Also the Route Editor just got a lot better.

The map tool lies at the heart of every Bikemap user experience. To make it as intuitive and user friendly as possible, we made sure not to overload it with features – but we did add a few! You can now upload cover images to your created routes and simply drag and drop your GPS file into the route editor to import your route.

More info in Sneak Peek #4: Meet Bikemaps new Route Editor

There’s an App for that

Your fully responsive ride companion is ready. The free Bikemap App for iOS and Android helps you record and navigate more than 2,800,000 routes on the go, instantly upload pictures to your route, and share it with your friends.

We made sure to optimize and sync all functionality across multiple devices so that Bikemap is always there to deliver the right experience on the right device at the right time.

But see for yourself…

Get inspired for your next bike trip with the all-new Bikemap!

Meanwhile at the office…

…we’re busy looking awesome. Cheers from the Bikemap Team 🙂

We want your best bike pics!

We want your best bike pics!

Bikemap has always been shaped by its community and this should not change in the future. That said, we want to feature your pictures on the new Bikemap website!

What’s in for you? Your picture will be featured on the #1 cycle route collection in the world and you will get an attribution as seen in the example below.

What are we searching for?

Mostly panorama pictures like the one above with the following criteria:

  • high quality or resolution
  • nice view
  • one or more cyclists riding an awesome tour

Just upload your picture(s) in the form below! You can also share your images by posting a link in the comments.

We can’t wait for your pics!

Submit a new post

Disclaimer: By uploading your content you state that you are the rightful owner and allow Bikemap to publish your content on its platforms and other services without charging any licence fee. You will always get an appropriate attribution.

Out now! New Bikemap App for Android

Out now! New Bikemap App for Android

Good news for all Android users! The new Bikemap App is out and now available for all Android devices.
Time to hit the road and ride! 

A short time ago we launched the Bikemap App for iOS and were stunned by the massive amount of positive feedback. Clearly the Android app was the next step and we are thrilled to announce that it is as awesome as its iOS counterpart.

We’re excited to announce some brand new features, which will help you to never get lost again and make your cycling trips even better.


With the new Discover screen you can find awesome routes instantly in you area.

Sorted by popularity, actuality and bike type its now even easier to search for routes near you making the Bikemap App an indispensable companion on your bike tours.

Design and layout

Just like its iOS pendant the new 4.0 Android version comes with an all new design and layout making it even easier and more intuitive to find and track your cycling routes.

Picture upload

What’s really awesome is that you can now upload pictures with the app instantly when you’re tracking routes. This way you can capture your most exciting memories and share them with your friends when you’re out.

Want to see for yourself? 

Cycle the world with us. Get the free Bikemap App for Android and iOS here: