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We love how enthusiastically the Bikemap community creates new routes (1500 every day!), which is why we want to give you a better way to organize them. 

If your profile is overflowing with created, saved and updated routes, this is for you! As a Premium member, you can now organize your bike tours in handy route collections and share them with your friends.

premium-route collection


How can I create a route collection?
  1. Register or sign in to Bikemap on your desktop if you already have an account.
  2. Upgrade your account to Premium.
  3. In the menu, click on the new button, “Route Collections”.
  4. Click “Add new”, enter a title, choose if it should be public or private, and hit “Create”.
  5. To fill it with routes, find and choose a route and add it via its “Add to” button.
  6. Make it even cooler by adding a cover photo, description and tags.
  7. Instantly share your route collection via Facebook, Twitter or email using the sharing buttons.


More awesome features are waiting for you

Bikemap Premium is a monthly or yearly subscription plan for enthusiastic cyclists who want to benefit from even more cool features: in addition to route collections we’ve got offline maps and offline navigation waiting for you! And you’ll be pleased to hear that Bikemap is faster and completely ad-free when you upgrade to Premium.

Get the full Bikemap experience!

Or upgrade to premium via the Bikemap App for Android or iOS:

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