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Bikemap has always been shaped by its community and this should not change in the future. That said, we want to feature your pictures on the new Bikemap website!

What’s in for you? Your picture will be featured on the #1 cycle route collection in the world and you will get an attribution as seen in the example below.

What are we searching for?

Mostly panorama pictures like the one above with the following criteria:

  • high quality or resolution
  • nice view
  • one or more cyclists riding an awesome tour

Just upload your picture(s) in the form below! You can also share your images by posting a link in the comments.

We can’t wait for your pics!

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Disclaimer: By uploading your content you state that you are the rightful owner and allow Bikemap to publish your content on its platforms and other services without charging any licence fee. You will always get an appropriate attribution.

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