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Sneak Peek #4: Meet Bikemap’s new route editor

by | Dec 18, 2015 | Uncategorized

The route editor is the heart of Bikemap. More than 1,500 routes are created daily by our cycling community and it’s stunning to see this figure rise even further. Whether you draw, upload or edit a route, it all comes down to the route editor.

So while puzzling about Bikemap next the route editor was one of the major points to think about. We have a lot of ideas about new features also thanks to the Bikemap community who always comes up with inspiring feedback. At the same time we want to keep it simple and not overload it with features.

But let’s see for yourself:


All known features are packed into a new design and layout making it easier and more intuitive to create and edit your routes. New are especially the following features and improvements:

  • Easy image upload

    In addition to a title image you can upload other pictures of your bike trip so that you have all your memories in one place – also with the app on your smartphone.

  • Drag & Drop support

    When creating your route simply drag your GPS file and drop it onto the route editor to upload import it.

  • Tags

    In the near future you can also add tags to your route such as hilly, easy or difficult. Not only enables this an easy description of your route, also it will make search results for routes better.

  • Optimized route planning

    Other upcoming improvements will include the possibility to insert points at a more distant zoom stage and the extension of the distance between two points above 200 km.


So stay tuned – we cant wait to show you the route editor in live!

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