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Sneak Peek #2: What are you searching for?

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From user routes, official bike paths to destinations, there is much to find on Bikemap to plan your cycling tours and make them an unforgettable experience. In light of this we are excited to share another sneak peek into Bikemap Next: the all-new omni-search complemented with an intelligent autocomplete that helps you search for routes and destinations right as you type.


Bikemap’s new search will make it easier to find the routes and places you are looking for. By inserting your keyword into the search field and hitting enter you can search for all routes matching that keyword. In comparison to the current search, the new search smartly aggregates results both from a keyword search and a location search. No matter if your keyword matches the location or is included in the name or description of the route, all relevant results will be filtered for you.

If you are searching for destinations the autocomplete comes in and you will instantly receive suggestions for destinations while typing. Click on them to be directed directly to the destination page, where we have collected the best routes for you in this region so that you can get inspired for your next bike tour.

If you got any ideas or suggestions, let us know in the comments!

Bikemap Next

Bikemap Next is the upcoming major relaunch of Bikemap with lots of new features and improvements that is about be released in the upcoming weeks. Learn more about Bikemap Next in our announcement post.

Becoming an early explorer of Bikemap Next

With the Bikemap Next Preview Program, we’re inviting our most enthusiastic users to shape Bikemap Next with us – and we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback.

If you do want to participate in the Bikemap Next Preview Program, simply sign up in the form, and we’ll let you know when it’s ready!


Up next

Route descriptions, guides, cycling tipps and more – stay tuned for new and stunning content on Bikemap!
Find out more about that in our next sneak peek 🙂

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