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Announcing Bikemap Next

Say hello to the future of Bikemap

by | Oct 9, 2015 | Bikemap next, Press

It’s a humbling and amazing thing to work on Bikemap, which is used by over 15 million people in over 80 countries of the World. From leisure cyclists to professional riders, from daily commuters to athletes, from mountain bikers to road bikers, from kids to the elderly, at some point Bikemap virtually empowers all of us.

Today, I’m very thrilled to announce that Bikemap is about to release a major update in the upcoming weeks: Say hello to Bikemap Next!

A leap forward in technology

Back in 2007, when Bikemap was founded, nobody could ever think of the vast traction it would gain over the following years. It’s 2015 now, and what has become of it? As I told you before, Bikemap is used in over 80 countries of the World, and the community has created with us the most comprehensive collection of both user-generated and official cycling routes which consists of more than 1.6M routes – wow, so stunning!

Technology has evolved over the years as well, and so have the habits of us as Bikemap users. As smartphones have become a vital part of our digital life, route browsing and planning are no longer Desktop-to-print issues, but are increasingly done completely on mobile devices. In other words: Users do not search for routes exclusively on their computers at home anymore, but want all functionality available everywhere and ride the routes with their smartphone, having everything synced across multiple devices. This is why the new Bikemap must be built from the ground-up for a mobile-first, cloud-first world. This new Bikemap adapts to today’s multi-device behavior and must help our users to be able to complete all tasks regardless of their current device and location.

Bikemap Next will deliver the right experience on the right device at the right time.

What’s new in Bikemap Next?

Smart route search

Recommendations and ratings by the community combined with smart algorithms will make it fun to discover new routes and destinations.

Premium contents and guides

Explore top routes and destinations curated by the Bikemap editorial team packed with rich-media content.

Cutting-edge technology

With an all-new frontend, its progressive UI design, semantic search technology and a high performance server setup that works globally.

One account - all devices

Find your perfect route and let the Bikemap app guide you through your ride. Bikemap syncs all your devices automatically.


New iOS and Android Apps


A fresh and fully-responsive design


Lots of features and improvements to come


Even more fun to use 🙂

Get a sneak peek

Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted about the progress!

P.S.: Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any criticism/suggestions/whatsoever about Bikemap and Bikemap Next. We’re very much looking forward to your feedback and we’d be happy to help if there are any questions!

Becoming an early adopter

We are excited to announce the Bikemap Next Preview Program, where selected users can get access to a early version of Bikemap Next on Web. Soon after, we’ll also be releasing early versions of Bikemap Next for iOS and Android.

The Bikemap Next Preview Program is intended for Online experts and early adopters who are comfortable using pre-release software with variable quality. Participants will receive a steady stream of updates from us with the latest features we’re experimenting with.

With the Bikemap Next Preview Program, we’re inviting our most enthusiastic users to shape Bikemap Next with us. We know they’re a vocal bunch – and we’re looking forward to hearing their feedback from them.

If you do want to participate in the Bikemap Next Preview Program, simply sign up in the form, and we’ll let you know when it’s ready!



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