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More than 1000 new routes are created daily on Bikemap. A large part of this is done with the Route Editor. Especially the Magnet Tool is an important feature as it automatically calculates a route between two inserted points. This enables an easy drawing of your personal route!

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Drawing routes easiliy with the magnet tool

How does the Magnet Tool actually work?

For the routing algorithm millions of rides recorded and created by Bikemap users are merged and taken into account for the calculation of the most optimal route. So in the end we rely on one of the best sources concerning route planning: You!

This routing algorithm will also be used for future tools. Stay tuned for the upcoming Route Planner offering an A-B navigation – making it possible to easily find your way from one point to another through turn-by-turn navigation instructions.

Go the way you want

Additionally it is also possible to draw your route by hand (or let’s say mouse). By clicking on the magnet tool you switch to the line tool and can choose the exact way regardless of roads and paths.

2015-05-07 16_10_57-Create new route - Bikemap - Your bike routes online

Drawing routes manually

What else you can do

Deleting route markers: By clicking on the X you can delete inserted points.

Adding POI: Also very useful is the POI tool where you can add different points of interest to a specific location on route. You can also add a POI from Wikipedia by clicking on the W.

Return to start point: With this tool you  can join the first and last points, either using “Shortest path”, where the optimal way back is calculated or “Same path back”.

Add information: Description, links, pictures and more – try to make the most out of your personal route and convey your best biking experiences to the community!

Feel like drawing your bike tour? You can find the Route Editor here!

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